I’m often asked this great question. It’s true… you have many other options to turn to. Here are a few reasons to work with me. 

1. Experience
I’ve been rooting around behind the scenes of the world wide web since 1997.

2. Grounded
I absolutely love what I do and I plan to do it (and do it well) for many, many more years. Decades. Another century if I’m able!

3. Custom Design
There are many free, web-based DIY sites where you can build your own website. The design will be generic unless you are familiar with HTML and CSS and can change the code yourself. Choose THE DESIGN DUCK and your website will have a fresh look designed just for you and the demographic you are trying to reach. It will not be a cookie cutter site. You will stand apart from the rest.

4. Affordable
I have this problem where I can’t overcharge people. It’s called a conscious. I charge you what I would pay. No matter who you are. No matter where you live. For some it’s still too high. For others, it’s a nice price break. Have a budget in mind? I’ll do my best to get you a great site for what you can afford to pay. Payment plans are an option as well.

5. Maintenance
No one has extra time, especially small business owners, who just happen to be my specialty. I can edit content and photos. Heck, I can even take photos for you! I do this for a small fee or – if you choose to pay off your website over a contract term (1-2 years), I will make updates for free!

6. Guaranteed
I want you to love your website. I want your website to help make your business run efficiently. If you’re not satisfied with how your website turned out, I will make it right for no additional cost. In nearly two decades… I’ve only had to do this once. I try my absolute hardest to get it right the first time.

7. The Future
Your website should be able to grow with you and your business. The technology I use allows you to easily update and add features in the years to come. Every site I build is responsive  so that it works on every screen from mobile phones to TVs. I strive to keep up to date with the latest technology so that I can build you a website that won’t be outdated before we launch.


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